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Thoro Social Media Marketing

Fleet, Hampshire

GU51 2RR

P: 07880 557706

E: hello@thoro.co.uk

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Thoro's founder, Tanya Edwards, has more than 20 years of digital experience in online marketing. From high-profile marketing campaigns to digital product launches, she has lived through every stage of the internet’s evolution, from the first dotcom crash in 2000, when she was working at internet pioneer boo.com, to the birth of the social media revolution.

She started her business in 2017 after an illness prompted her to re-evaluate her hectic London-based lifestyle. Three years, one cockapoo and a house in Hampshire later, Tanya is the proud founder of Thoro, an agency devoted to giving your business a voice. Your voice.​


When you run your own business, you operate at full capacity. You know that a compelling online presence is vital for your brand to grow, but you have other priorities that need your attention. Thoro can take the pressure off. Thoro will work with you to identify your online needs from simply getting in front of new customers to improving your website traffic, from creating a social community to helping you to transition into a digital business.

Thoro can even provide coaching for you and your team to enable you to run your own digital marketing activities should you choose.​



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